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Your Billerica dentist can treat cavities at their early stages without needing a drill.

It’s surprising that about 92 percent of all American adults will have to deal with cavities at some point during their lives. Even though Icon Caries Infiltration Treatmentdental decay can be prevented with the proper oral hygiene it’s pretty common for this problem to affect otherwise healthy smiles. Many of these cavities appear only as innocuous-looking white spots. However, find out how your Billerica dentist Kunio Chan, DMD, MAGD, can stop these white spot lesions early on without the need for a drill.

What are white spots?

If your Billerica dentist has stated that you have white spots on your teeth this simply means that there is some demineralization under tooth enamel, which can eventually lead to dental caries. White spots appear when bacteria have broken through the layer of enamel and destroyed some of the mineralized layers of the tooth.

White spots are often found once traditional bracket-and-wire braces have been removed; however, the same issue can occur after long-term antibiotic use, poor oral hygiene, high sugar content or even trauma.

How can Icon caries infiltration treatment help?

The Icon technique was designed as an option that lies somewhere between prevention and restoring a damaged tooth. By using a special infiltration resin, similar to when you have a cavity filled, we are able to fill these small white spots before they become full-blown cavities.

However, since a cavity has yet to form your Billerica dentist Dr. Chan won’t need to drill out the decaying portions. This means no anesthesia and no discomfort during your treatment. Furthermore, the resin we use has a high transparency so it easily blends in with the rest of your tooth without needing to match the shade of your tooth to the resin.

Do you want to stop lesions from becoming full-blown cavities? Want to avoid drilling and dental fillings? Well, the only way to detect dental caries in the first place is to see your Billerica dentist every six months for routine care. If it’s time to for six-month cleaning then contact Dr. Kunio Chan of One Dental Care today. Protect your smile for the future!