By One Dental Care - Kunio Chan, DMD, MAGD
July 18, 2019
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Teeth Cleanings  

Professional teeth cleanings are an effective way to help maintain optimal oral health. Additionally, maintaining better oral health can clean smilepotentially improve your overall health. Poor oral health has been linked to certain health conditions and diseases, including heart disease. At One Dental Care, Dr. Kunio Chan is your Billerica dentist for professional teeth cleanings.


Enjoy Better Oral Health

Professional dental cleanings are important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Certain oral health threats, such as tartar buildup, cannot be removed by brushing and flossing at home. Tartar forms over time when plaque has not been fully cleared away by brushing, flossing, or rinsing with mouthwash. Plaque hardens on teeth when it is not removed. Hardened plaque leads to the development of tartar, which is even more difficult to remove because it bonds with tooth enamel.

Properly removing tartar buildup from teeth requires professional skills and special dental tools. Left untreated, tartar buildup can lead to multiple oral health problems, including tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, tartar buildup can also stain teeth so having it removed during a professional cleaning can also help teeth appear whiter. Scheduling regular professional teeth cleanings with your Billerica dentist can help you enjoy better oral health, achieve better-looking teeth, and prevent many oral health problems from developing.

The importance of professional teeth cleanings cannot be emphasized enough. Having your teeth professional cleaned on a regular basis helps clear away harmful bacteria and is the only way to completely remove tartar buildup. To schedule a professional teeth cleaning with Dr. Chan, your Billerica, MA, dentist, contact One Dental Care at (978) 667-0691.